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The Yoghurt Shop is seeking passionate individuals who are enthusiastic about tasty, healthy yoghurt and personify our ‘Australia's Best Yoghurt’ ethos.


As a Franchise Partner at The Yoghurt Shop, you will be supported by a dedicated team of experienced professionals and proven systems and processes to help you realise your business goals. Take the steps to join one of Australia’s most loved brands today!



At The Yoghurt Shop, we are committed to providing a unique retail experience that is consistent, fun and reliable for each and every customer. This focus, coupled with healthy, great tasting products, proven systems and cheeky marketing campaigns is the foundation of our success.


The Yoghurt Shop has seen spectacular growth since the inception of the brand in 2004 and market demand from prospective franchisees and customers alike remains impressively high.

12 Simple Steps

  1. Complete our Expression of Interest form.

  2. You will receive an email with more information to complete your application.

  3. We receive your application and you are then prompted to submit a $2,200 fully-refundable deposit.

  4. We contact you for a telephone interview.

  5. If successful, we issue you with a Confidentiality Agreement and a Deed of Undertaking and Acknowledgment.

  6. We then issue you with our Network Sales Figures, Financial Planning Guide and Operational Questionnaire.

  7. We meet each other for a face-to-face interview.

  8. Time to roll up your sleeves. We’re going to put you in-store for an experience day!

  9. Receive our Franchise Kit with an example of our Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement.

  10. We contact your references (one personal, one professional).

  11. We then issue you with our Company Kit which shows you how to register your business!

  12. Time to meet the family. You’ve made it to the final panel interview!


A limited number of franchising opportunities are available. Select a location on the map to see the store details and click 'Apply Now' to register your interest.


Express your interest in franchising with The Yoghurt Shop by completing the enquiry form below. Next, you will be contacted by someone from the retail team. For any further enquiries 

please email 


  1. Is the application deposit refundable?

    Yes, the application deposit is fully refundable at any stage in your recruitment process. Once approved as a franchise partner, your deposit will cover the legal costs incurred with the creation of your franchise documentation. Please note that the $2,200 application deposit is not included in the purchase price of your store.


  2. How much does your franchise opportunity cost, what does this price include and what other costs will be incurred in addition to this price?

    Setting up your own Yoghurt Shop costs between $220,000 - $290,000 + GST. This contract covers the franchise fee, fit out and design of the store, all of the plant and equipment in the store and your training. In addition to this, you will need to budget for working capital, start-up stock and local area marketing.

    If you are interested in buying an existing Yoghurt Shop business, you will negotiate the sale price directly with the existing owner of the store or their nominated business broker. You will need to pay the $2,200 application deposit plus the training fee ($14,000 + GST) to The Yoghurt Shop, on top of the price you negotiate with the store owner.

    Please note that you will also need to supply a bank guarantee to the landlord (similar to a ‘rental bond’ paid to the landlord at the beginning of a lease term).


  3. How much working capital do I need?

    We recommend you seek external financial advice on this figure, however as a rough number to work with is 10% of the purchase price.


  4. Do I need cash or equity towards the purchase of a franchise?

    Yes, you will have access to at least 50% of the purchase price of the business. You may have this in actual cash, funding from family and friends, equity in your home/ investment properties or a combination of all of these. Please be aware that we will request proof that you have access to these funds throughout the franchise recruitment process.


  5. How much money will the bank lend me?

    Typically, the banks lend 50% of the purchase price in the form of a business loan. We recommend that you commence discussions with your bank as soon as possible to understand your lending capacity and whether investing in a franchise with The Yoghurt Shop is a viable option for you.


  6. What kind of returns can I expect from running a Yoghurt Shop franchise?

    Due to a significant number of variables when operating a franchise, we can’t provide you with concise figures before you start. Once we receive your application form and your initial telephone interview is complete, you will receive a Confidentiality Agreement. Following the execution of this agreement, we will provide you with the historical sales figures from The Yoghurt Shop network and a financial planning guide to assist with your preparation of a business plan. It’s imperative that you seek independent financial advice as a part of your due diligence and that you create your own forecasting and business planning documentation.


  7. Do I need to find a location for the store?

    No, at The Yoghurt Shop we have a team of retail leasing experts that assist our partner network in securing new sites, and negotiating lease renewals in consultation with the store owner. Once a new site is available to purchase, we will list it on the ‘available franchise locations’ on The Yoghurt Shop franchising website.


  8. If I suggest a location, does that mean I will be awarded that site?

    We encourage all existing franchise partners as well as external interested parties to suggest locations and we have a robust system in place for assessing these sites. We also receive an influx of site suggestions all the time so it is likely that you are not the first person who has suggested the location. The final decision sits with our Franchising team to put forward the very best franchise partner for each site.


  9. Do you train me? Who pays for my training? Where do I go for training?

    We have a comprehensive training program in place for all new partners entering our network. The training programme is three weeks long and takes place in Adelaide. Our comprehensive training is inclusive of front and back of house operations. You will also be provided with support in your new store by the Learning & Development team in your first days of operation. You will feel confident to step into your new store understanding all facets of running that business after working closely with our dedicated Learning & Development team!


  10. Does The Yoghurt Shop release their franchisee selection criteria?

    To protect the integrity of the recruitment process, we are unable to release the criteria of our application process. However, to give you a couple of hints, we are looking for business-minded people who love our brands and want to contribute positively to our franchise network!


  11. How long will it take to come through the application process?

    Every franchise candidate’s journey through the application process is different as there are always many variables at play. Typically our candidates reach the final assessment stages of our application within 8-10 weeks of applying. We will work with you at a pace that you are comfortable with however, please be mindful that timeframes may vary depend on a number of factors. We always endeavour to operate transparently so that you understand where your application stands at all times.


  12. Do I need previous business or food industry experience to become a franchise partner?

    No you don’t. But you must have a hunger for success, love The Yoghurt Shop philosophy and have an unmatched enthusiasm for your business. This is all achievable without prior food or business ownership experience! A genuine appreciation for great customer service is also integral to growing as a successful franchise partner. We will supply you with all of the tools, systems and process to assist you in reaching your business aspirations.


  13. By placing an enquiry on the website, is that all I have to do to start the recruitment process?

    Once you submit an enquiry keep your eye on the email address you supplied! You will receive an email with a link to The Yoghurt Shop information pack and your own unique login username & password. You will need these unique details to proceed to the full online application form and start your adventure.


  14. Why are existing stores for sale, priced differently to new site opportunities?

    The sale price of the business is set at the discretion of the existing franchise partner based on a number of factors such as the financial performance of the store, goodwill, refurbishments and the length of time left on the lease.

    You will need to negotiate directly with the franchise partner on the price of the store only after you have successfully completed the telephone interview and signed the confidentiality agreement. In the case of company stores for sale, the sale price is set by the Franchisor. New site opportunities have many variables affecting the Fixed Price Contract, and therefore we offer a range initially, until we can provide you with a final number for the fixed price contract. This range covers the full build, plant and equipment, franchise fee and training.


  15. What costs am I likely to incur once owning the business?

    For more information on this, please refer to The Yoghurt Shop Information Pack:

    Royalty – 8% of sales
    Marketing – 3% of sales

    Both of the above payments are made monthly

    There will be other costs that you will incur as a business owner. We will inform you of these as you work through the application process.


  16. Can I source my own supplies for the business?

    There will be fresh elements of the supply chain that you can seek permission to source locally. Your Franchise Business Consultant will offer you advice about this before you begin trading as a franchise partner.


  17. What ongoing support will I get from The Yoghurt Shop?

    The Yoghurt Shop has a large network of professionals at the global support centre in Adelaide to assist our franchise partners. Our support teams cover areas such as Marketing, IT, Finance, Leasing, Product & Supply and Store Design just to name a few. You will also enjoy support from our dedicated team of operations professionals on the ground in each state to assist you with your day to day needs and to mentor you as a business owner.


  18. How long is The Yoghurt Shop Franchise Agreement?

    If you are purchasing a new store, the term of the Franchise Agreement will be 7 years. If you are buying an existing store, you will be offered the remaining term left on the existing agreement for that store.


  19. How long is the typical lease term? Why is the franchise & lease term different?

    Lease terms vary from store to store. Typically, a retail lease term is around 4 – 6 years in duration. The term of the lease is set by the landlord and while we will always look to secure the longest possible lease, it is unlikely that your franchise agreement term and the term of your lease will be congruent. This is not a problem. As a franchise partner, you are able to sell your asset (your franchise) at any time throughout the franchise agreement term or the lease term. It is important to note that your business will always be worth the most at the beginning of a new lease & franchise agreement term. 


  20. What happens at the end of the lease term?

    You will be contacted by the Leasing team as your store lease is coming to an end. The lease renewal process is consultative between the franchise partner and the Leasing team. Our Leasing team will ask to understand your expectations for the commercial terms of the lease and will work to secure the best possible deal for all our franchise partners.


  21. What if I want to own more than one store?

    At The Yoghurt Shop we have a policy that all new franchise Partners must own and operate their first business for a minimum of 12 months before being considered for additional stores. As long as you have proven yourself as a strong operator, you have the financial ability to acquire additional businesses and you have a plan as to how you wish to operate multiple businesses we will happily discuss multi-siting opportunities with you.


  22. Do I need to work in the business full-time or can I run my franchise under management?

    At The Yoghurt Shop, our experience is that the most profitable business are owner-operated. For that reason, we have an expectation that our franchise partners are working in their businesses. The Franchise Agreement stipulates that you must commit yourself to the business on a full-time basis for the first 6 months and for at least 20 hours per week thereafter. Ideally, we are looking for full-time owner-operators.


  23. Do I have to be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia to franchise with The Yoghurt Shop in Australia?

    Yes, you will need to hold either Permanent Australian Residency or be an Australian Citizen to purchase a Yoghurt Shop franchise.

Talk to our Franchising team for more information.


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